Welcome to Hillsland.   You must protect yourself from balloon robots by clicking on them.  Some balloon robots may look happy.  BUT THEY AREALL EVILL!!!!!!!!!

Hillsland is a good game.  You should play it.  It is fun.  It is good for you.

How high can you score?

This game was made for the 100-lines-of-code-gamemaker-game-jam.

Made withGameMaker: Studio
TagsPoint & Click
Average sessionA few minutes


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I used to be an atheist but this game converted me. There must be a god. No man could have made this game.

Wow, this was really fun! It's just mouse button mashing, but it manages to be really entertaining regardless. This has the makings of a compelling clicker game should you choose to continue the project. :)

This is my high score. My hand hurts haha

Good job.  My hard hurt after playing it too.