A downloadable Pretty Muffin Game for Windows

After around 4 years SuperStarDreamTeam is finally finished.
SuperStarDreamTeam is a puzzle/stealth platformer with too easy of "puzzles" to be a puzzle game and not enough "stealth" to be a stealth game. It may also have some sort story that was poorly executed...
All I know is that a large amount of time spent on making the game was used to write dialogue!

If you have any feedback or just want to say hi you can email me at:

Install instructions

Once the ZIP file is already downloaded, you must extract using any unzipping program.

Once unzipped into the empty folder, you will get some files. To play the game, just open the "HideJump.exe" file, and the game will start after a couple of seconds. - Colaxeno :)


SuperStarDreamTeam-Complete.zip 26 MB

Development log