A downloadable Pretty Muffin Game for Windows


SuperStarDreamTeam is a platformer/poor excuse for stealth... That is about all I can think of.
Oh, this is a demo. This 2 level thing is not the entire game. There will be a lot more when I finish it. :D
If you find any bugs/have any feedback you can email me at bettersuperstardreamteam@gmail.com.
You may be asking "Why is it BETTERsuperstardreamteam". That is because some one already took superstardreamteam.
My twitter is @chippysmuffins. I post a lot of updates there.

OH! I almost forgot. Don't press ctrl! Don't! It will reset the games save! I forgot to take it out. Hehe. That may actually be a good idea for a mechanic. Near the end of the game I could have an NPC say, "Hey! Hit the ctrl button." I could make the game twice as long that way. Now you know! If an NPC tells you to press ctrl DON'T DO IT!

Install instructions

Once the ZIP file is already downloaded, you must extract using any unzipping program.

Once unzipped into the empty folder, you will get some files. To play the game, just open the "HideJump.exe" file, and the game will start after a couple of seconds. - Colaxeno :)


SuperStarDreamTeam.zip 6 MB